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Preferred Equipment and Soucy Tracks

Soucy is a rubber track manufacturing company that has been in business since 1967. They specialize in the designing and building of track systems for combines, grain carts, sprayers, tractors and more. Their specialization in these products is why Soucy Track has quickly become a world leader in track systems for farm vehicles.

S-Tech1000X Combine Tracks

With the best ground contact surface on the market, the S-TECH 1000X offers a reduced ground pressure and increases your flotation by 12.5%, compared to previous models. You will be able to harvest when your crop is ready, regardless of ground conditions..

We have joined with Soucy to sell their track system and give our customers all the benefits Soucy has to offer. Everyone is always looking to save money, in any way, to profit the bottom line. Based on state-of-the-art-technology, our rubber track system saves you time, and places very little stress on the ground, even in extreme conditions created by muddy or wet soil. If you are interested in this kind of time, money, and field savings that we are offering with our track system, then our track systems are the answer for you.


Delivered and installed for immediate use on any combine in any region is the ultimate tool for your wet conditions. Our lease program will enable you to get your production out of the field with less compaction and more production out of the next crop.  If you lease a set and decide that you want to purchase the set, then that cost will come off your purchase price.  Call Don for your lease program options 620-899-8380


Increased Traction


Our four-track system enables tractors to use their full power at any time. Unlike with a two-track tractor, it’s never necessary to block or slow down a track to make a turn. The tractor sends all of its power forward, and since it turns as though it were on wheels, the soil remains in better condition through turns.

Great Versatility

Our track systems for trailers are very versatile and can be used all year round. For example, a track system for a grain cart can also be adapted to your seed drill or planter. That way, you maximize the use of your system and your soil benefits from it in more operations.

Soil and Row Protection

As vehicles get increasingly heavy, their tires damage your crops in several ways. First, the high pressure they exert on the soil causes compaction, which significantly reduces irrigation quality. Also, their rounded shape often damages crops by creating piles of dirt alongside rows.

Unlike wheels, Soucy Track systems, with their vast ground surface area, provide uniform irrigation and protect rows and crops.

Reduced Compaction

The rubber tracks minimize soil compaction by considerably reducing the pressure that vehicles exert on the ground. The less soil is compacted, the greater its water and air supply, and the better the harvest. This is a significant benefit in the medium and long term.  For example, a combine equipped with the most popular wheels will inflict a 25 lb/in2 (1,76 kg/cm2) pressure on the ground. That very same combine equipped with a SoucyTM system reduces that pressure to 5,8 lb/in2 (0,41 kg/cm2).

Time Saving

Time is money! Our track systems help you save precious time in most of your operations, which greatly reduces your costs. If you’re no longer getting stuck, you can reduce the number of passes needed to prepare your soil for seeding. Furthermore, you’ll spend less time in the field because with Soucy Track, you know that you can use your vehicle to its full potential all day long. In short, you will never again be held up by a tractor that has gotten stuck or slowed down by the excessive spinning of your tires.

Track/Tire Swap


We created our track systems so that it’s always possible to switch from tracks to tires and from tires to tracks.

No Modifications


Installing SoucyTM systems requires no modification to your vehicle. That way, it keeps its full integrity and resale value and you can go back to tires at any time.

Four Seasons


We’ve developed a rubber track system that allows you to use your utility terrain vehicle (UTV) all year round. Both in snow and mud, you’ll discover great new potential in your vehicle, helping you push past the limits imposed by your tires.

Access Your Fields At Any Time

We know how certain field operations can be critical in maximizing your crop yield. That’s why we’ve designed track systems for farm vehicles that will make sure you can easily access your fields at all times without causing damage to your soil. Therefore, you can spray or harvest at key times without worrying about damaging your soil or crops.

Interested in Soucy Tracks?  Contact us today and let us help find the right product for your equipment!